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mobile Crusher

Supply Ability:5sets/m

Production Ability :10-250t/h


Feature :full automatic,easy operate

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    The launch of mobile crushing station eliminates the fussy steel-frame structure during the crushing process and the
    construction of foundation and saves a lot of time. The mobile crushing station can directly choose the working site, be
    directly driven to the working site without transportation and the materials can directly reach the granularity of final products.
    It is especially suitable for processing and crushing building wastes. The mobile crushing station greatly reduces the
    investment cost but improves the investment income.

    1 tracked mobile crushing station products are light weight, small size, especially for narrow space to work;
    (2) transportation convenience, crawler, does not damage the road surface, is equipped with multi-function tools, adapt to a wide
    3 sets by feeding, crushing, transmission and other process equipment as a whole;
    4 all-wheel drive machine can be realized in situ steering, standard configuration, quick change device, with perfect security
    features, especially for narrow space, complex region;
    5 save fuel, fuel saving rate up to 25%;
    6 supplied power pack - optimal design;
    7 can climb operations, meet mine, hydropower, coal and other projects crushing

    Routine maintenance : equipment should be required for lubrication, medium and small equipment is mainly used grease and oil
    lubricated periodically. Large equipment , if the use of cone and large jaw crusher , generally have forced lubrication systems. At this
    point , you should always observe the oil temperature, oil pressure , flow and other parameters . Tighten loose fasteners.
    Equipment in operation , we should always pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment case , there is too much noise
    or vibration , should quickly stop to check . After troubleshooting, start-up sequence should be unloaded restart.
    Equipment operation, but also to observe the quality of the product yield , quality and yield when not normal , it may happen crusher,
    screening machine blockage or damage the screen surface fault .
    Maintenance : To enable the device to maintain good performance , in addition to normal maintenance , equipment repair also
    planned a small , repair and overhaul .
    Mobile crushing and screening equipment maintenance program is in accordance with the inspection requirements of each part of
    the machinery used in the initiative. As a result of mechanical maintenance plan is different, when conditions permit , to replace part
    of the mechanical overhaul . This reduces downtime , improve equipment utilization .



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