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metal crusher

Supply Ability:15SETS/MONTH

Production Ability :1-40t/h


Feature :full automatic,easy operate

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    Metal crusher called metal grinder containing scrap metal crusher, crusher cans, scrap crusher, bucket crusher and so
    different grinder. Metal crusher is more popular in the field of metal recycling mill metal processing equipment, the
    machine can crush materials include: Sprite cans, Lulu cans, Red Bull cans, cans, can crush beverage cans, paint cans
    can also be crushed, oil tank, as long as the metal can be crushed, pulverized material is very easy to carry out transport,
    easy to feed steel, also reduces the number of feed lot. In the process of crushing force applied to the solid with pressure
    roll, cut, impact, grinding four. Rolled mainly used in rough, broken, suitable for hard material and bulk material crushing;
    cut is mainly used in crushing, grinding toughness suitable materials; impact is mainly used in crushing, fine grinding,
    fine grinding, fitness crushing brittle materials; grinding mainly in fine grinding, fine grinding, suitable for small and fine
    particles of pulverized. The actual grinding process is often several forces acting simultaneously.

    1,Insert a metal crusher is refined with high-alloy blade engagement, any material with high hardness good Metal crusher
    feeding equipment the grinder effect.
    2, metal crusher gear motor drive, other than cans mill to save 20% of the electricity.
    3, metal crusher boot smoothly without too much noise, and the foundation is installed, the noise is very small.
    4, metal crusher strong structure, dense type stiffeners to ensure strong cabinet.
    5, metal crusher conveyor belt feeding device can be configured.
    6, all-round control buttons allow you to control more simple, the whole process takes only one person can smash.

    The basic principles of metal grinder with a motor driven wind wheel extrusion , the core principle is to use the basic
    principles of a hammer , and the discharge port with a filter -type conveyors, high-speed high-torque motor driven rotor
    hammer on the host take turns hitting into the cavity of the substance to be broken , the space between the liner and
    the hammer through the formation of the material to be broken torn into conforming to specifications detritus . Metal
    grinder crusher according to the working conditions , the system can be divided into dry and wet systems and sub-
    humid systems.
    Dry system mainly refers detritus must maneuver through the air sorting system separates the metal and nonmetal ,
    while the entire system is equipped with dust removal device. Wet systems are broken simultaneously spray means ,
    and the washing water spray while sorting . Metal crusher these advantages to maximize the satisfaction of fine
    material EAF steelmaking , shortening some of the basic requirements for smelting time ; while pure crushed steel
    can also be added as steelmaking material . Crushed material through the air maneuver sorting system separates
    the metal and nonmetal , another whole system is equipped with dust removal device , the dust pollution hazards in
    the production process to a minimum. The equipment mainly high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency ,
    crushing the material advantages of uniform . And in the use of the device , low noise, no pollution , simple operation,
    easy maintenance .



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